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RFC's provide a rich source for internet archeology as well as an insight into why things on the internet are as they are. In this reading group, we will discuss two RFC's per monthly session:

  • Sequence RFC: Starting by RFC1 we will sequentially work our way up
  • Random RFC: each session, we pick one RFC for the next session

The form of the meeting is to assign a rotating facilitator, who will start off the discussion and try to keep things on track. People can make observations, pose questions or propose interpolations.

Participants are required to have read both RFC's for the session.

The monthly sessions take place at !RevSpace, start at 19:00 with a meal (cooked or ordered in) and discussion at 20:00.

Session 1: 2011-09-05

Since this is the first session, we have not chosen a random RFC and instead read RFC2.

Session 2: 2011-10-03

Session 3: 2011-11-07

Session 4: 2011-12-05