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After the meeting of 20 september 2009 it has been concluded the the Board will consist of the following people for this moment:

  • Koen Martens (gmc) - President
  • Mark Janssen (foobar) - Secretary
  • Kristian Vlaardingerbroek (cin) - Treasurer
  • Rick Voormolen (blokje) - Treasurer

The first concept of the regulations:

  • [%ATTACHURL%/statuten-concept-091214.pdf|statuten-concept-091214.pdf]: Concept statuten v3 (final concept)
  • [%ATTACHURL%/statuten-concept-091203.pdf|statuten-concept-091203.pdf]: Concept statuten v2
  • [%ATTACHURL%/statuten-concept-091124.pdf|statuten-concept-091124.pdf]: Concept statuten v1


Rough sketch is on topic FinancialPlanning.