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People tend to forget to close all the windows. Some of the windows are very visible from the street and easily accesible for an opportunistic thieve passing by (of which there is a high chance around the space).

To help people remember, a ring of reed-switched will be mounted throughout the space. A single wire will connect all the switches in series. When the space is closed by turning off the lights in the hallway, something will check if there's a full circuit by measuring if current is flowing through the circuit. If not, at least one window is open, and a buzzer will sound in the hallway. This way, when one forgets to close a window when leaving, he/she is reminded and has no excuse anymore.

A quick google resulted in a price of around EUR 4,- per magnet/switch set. DX has a 'wireless alarm' kit for US$1.88, which contains a reed switch and magnet as well, which we can mod.


  • Where to get the switches?
  • Count how many we need;
  • Get budget;
  • Build something from scrap electronics to do the buzzing.