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Project Nyaomi Arcade Cabinet
Status Completed
Contact TheOnlyJoey, smeding
Last Update 2014-04-04

Note: The arcade cabinet no longer lives at the hackerspace.

The Nyaomi Arcade project consists of multiple components.

Reverse engineering/documenting the JVS (JAMMA Video Standard[1]) protocol and create a working implementation for it (and improve it!), cleaning up the Sega Naomi Universal cabinet, designing and creating new input boards for the cabinet, Installing a PC for arcade use, create a Arcade loader, and whatever we can come up with!

Using the Nyaomi

-- This is Currently under construction, please ask TheOnlyJoey or smeding directly to use the cabinet --


This is a game loader written by TheOnlyJoey which allows easy game switching.

This loader uses a simple config file (library.cfg) where games can be added by adding two simple lines.


Game = TorusTrooper

Picture = TorusTrooper.png


When it encounters the 'Game = TorusTrooper' line , the loader will look for a 'TorusTrooper.sh' file in the 'scripts' folder, which should contain the actual launch commands for the game. Please do not use spaces in filenames, and everything is case sensitive.

When it encounters the 'Picture = TorusTrooper.png' line, the loader will look for 'TorusTrooper.png' in the 'gamepics' folder.

The picture must be 560x400 resolution.

The game will be added for selection when the NyaomiLoader gets started.

JVS Protocol

The JVS Protocol is a proprietary I/O protocol used in a lot of arcade cabinets and other amusement hardware.

It consists out of RS-485 and a special sensing line. The documentation of this protocol is purely in Japanese, and the only hardware available is proprietary.

Because of this the OpenJVS project was created to make the protocol available for public.


Information on this can be found on GitHub.

OpenJVS GitHub