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In the last two days we build an 8x8 matrix of RGB-LED's. We soldered 256 wires and connected the LED's to an Arduino with a Color Shield attached to it. It took 24 hours to complete the lamp.

We used this (great!) instructable to guide us:

<img src="IMG_20110522_183210.jpg" style="width: 95%;">

<img src="IMG_20110522_190231.jpg" style="width: 95%;">

<img src="IMG_20110523_010102.jpg" style="width: 95%;">

<img src="IMG_20110523_153716.jpg" style="width: 95%;">

<img src="IMG_20110523_224239.jpg" style="width: 95%;">

<img src="IMG_20110524_012426.jpg" style="width: 95%;">

In addition, we made a timelapse of the whole process: