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<img src="/pub/images/RevelationSpace/CongratuLEDjes/1/congratuledjes.jpg" style="float: right; padding-left: 0.5em;" width="250"/>Upon receiving the news that our dear friend fish_ had recently become a father, we set to work without batting an eyelid. How to send a congratulatory message to a hacker-friend? It wasn't long before we came up with the idea of the CongratuLEDjes card: a PCB with the message 'Gefeliciteerd!' ('Congratulations!') and a working circuit employing an ATTINY85 on the other side. With a bunch of charlieplexed LED's we were able to project the slider pattern from Conway's game of life on the small 3x3 LED display.

Upon receiving the card, fish_ promptly declared it to be the most awesome card he had ever received. We're glad he's happy with it and wish the fresh father and mother lots of joy and all the rest that comes with having a little one around!