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After todays metameet Turiphro started to unpack a box with an interesting new toy: the AR.Drone.

During the first test flight Turiphro discovered that not all the AR.Drone features worked with his Android phone. He decided to try it with an iPhone 4 and, after loading the app, it started updating the firmware.. Without any confirmation?!

When the firmware update was done it was time to fly again. With the iPhone 4 it is possible to control the device with the accelerometer by turning the device. That worked very well and he almost hit Okkie and a pile in the other end of the space.

As you can see, we had a very interesting evening (pictures taken with onboard camera #1).

<img src="/pub/RevelationSpace/NewsItem11x01x04x0/IMG_0021.JPG" alt="IMG_0021.JPG" width='484' height='648' />

<img src="/pub/RevelationSpace/NewsItem11x01x04x0/IMG_0017.PNG" alt="IMG_0017.PNG" width='960' height='640' />

<img src="/pub/RevelationSpace/NewsItem11x01x04x0/IMG_0018.PNG" alt="IMG_0018.PNG" width='960' height='640' />

<img src="/pub/RevelationSpace/NewsItem11x01x04x0/IMG_0019.PNG" alt="IMG_0019.PNG" width='960' height='640' />

<img src="/pub/RevelationSpace/NewsItem11x01x04x0/IMG_0020.PNG" alt="IMG_0020.PNG" width='960' height='640' />

<img src="/pub/RevelationSpace/NewsItem11x01x04x0/IMG_0022.PNG" alt="IMG_0022.PNG" width='960' height='640' />

And no, the device didn't crash seriously, it's sitting safe in it's box again. Waiting for the next adventure.