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The [EthicalHacking|mini-conference on ethical hacking], with the undertitle 'Echte Hackers' ('real hackers') was visited by approximately 100 people. The sessions ranged from case-studies in ethical hacking, to a call to arms and an overview of legal issues surrounding DDoS and hacking.

To a diverse audience of hackers, lawyers, journalists and interested lay-people spoke a variety of people on different subjects. The whole session is recorded on audio and available on Signal. Most of the sessions are in Dutch, but the talk by MEP for the Swedish Pirate Party Amalia Andersdotter as well as the final panel discussion are in English.

Other speakers included Brenno de Winter, who called hackers to the arms in making the government and government ICT projects more secure and in line with strict privacy protection. Arnoud Engelfriet spoke about laws relevant to computer-infrastructure.

Attendees told us they appreciated the conference, and many a hacker went away explicating how he/she had learned new things and took home some lessons to integrate in his or her personal conduct. Also, press seemed receptive to our explanations of what hackers are, and how !DDoS is not hacking. For more on press coverage, [MediaAttention|a page elsewhere on this wiki] was started to give an overview (work in progress).

Despite the bad weather, Dutch motorist association ANWB warned about severe snow conditions, a huge turn-out. We thank everyone who expressed interest, helped organising or participated on-line!