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<img src="/foswiki/pub/%WEB%/NewsItem10x10x20x0/airhockey.jpg" alt="airhockey.jpg" width='250' style="float: right; padding-left: 0.5em; padding-bottom: 0.5em;"/>Recently an air hockey table was brought in. After the initial tests, it was approved for the official [AirhockeyLeague|RevSpace air hockey league]. The table needs some modifications. For example, we want to replace the fans with more powerfull ones to create more lifting force for the puck. The puck itself badly needs replacing, and we could do with a set of new hammers.

The first games have been played, and we have had a fair share of air hockey injuries already, allthough no teeth have been lost yet. The league consists of an ELO rating. This ranking system takes into account the relative strength of players.

A player initially is awarded 1600 points. When a weaker player wins from a stronger player, the number of points awarded to the winner is larger compared to when a stronger player wins from a weaker player. This ranking system was originally used for chess, but is now also in use at the Dutch Pinball Association (NFV) as well as various table soccer leagues.