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Being on a trip far away, not being able to drop by revspace I was able to take some steps back and look back and forward. I came to the conclusion that we can be proud of ourselves so far.

We have done really fine. Buildup is almost done (but I think it will never be really finished), we did not have any major troubles between members/participants and board, I think not even one. Our brand is getting stronger and stronger (Hi! to all other hackerspaces who are reading this). And it is nice to see [WebChanges|changes] on a weekly basis. While we are getting bigger, stronger and more awesome everyday I would like to take out some examples of really great stuff we did so far and what is going to happen in the next couple of months.

At first, our great bbq's, we love them and we would like to keep them, we only need some solution for the upcoming winter in a few months.

Secondly, the great amount of pinball games, you really see that people are dropping by more often just to play some games and socialize a bit.

And more:

  • our great stock of drinks in the bar and everybody who is actively volunteering to do some shifts on our 'bigger' events;
  • the awesome lackracks;
  • the parties, we had two in total, organization was a mess, but we still managed to give people a nice time;
  • our growing membership, we have around 30 members and are looking forward to reach the 42nd very soon (according to current prognoses);
  • our friendships with the other hackerspaces (Hi belgium and dutch friends, we really love you!);
  • all of the projects (Scrapmame, BookBinding, Decoration, MultiTouchConsole, and [Projects|everything I cannot remember right now]).

I'm really proud to see what we have achieved since September last year and would like to see that the current pace is kept. To everybody: "You are all so cool!"

Next couple of months we have several events in which we are going to participate and I would like to point them out very quickly:

Finally to wrap this all up some small notes. If you would like to organize something big in the space, please do so! But keep in mind to communicate it clearly through the proper channels ([Agenda|on the agenda] and through Twitter and the maillists) so that everybody is aware. You are free to bring in guests but keep it nice and tidy, big groups are ok as long as you communicate in a reasonable upfront period, same goes for events you would like to organize.

To all members/participants/volunteers and hackers, thank you all. We are doing well, thanks for all the effort everybody is bringing in.

- Blokje