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<img src="/foswiki/pub/RevelationSpace/NewsItem09x12x23x0/revinvader.jpg" alt="revinvader.jpg" width='150' style="padding-right: 0.5em; float: left;" /> It's official: Revelation Space is a hackerspace! Early this morning (wednesday the 23th), a small delegation went over to the former Chrysler dealer to sign the lease. Not long thereafter we had replaced the lock, and were carrying in the first hardware. With two found hubs (yes, hubs) we quickly tied 2 pc's together to form the first network.

Soon, members showed up with more hardware and other useful items. After a bit of a struggle with the central heating, the temperature in the huge building (of which we occupy a mere fraction) started to rise to comfortable levels. Club-mate winter-edition and pizza 'Den Haag' completed the evening.

We're excited to finally (well, finally, it's only been 3 months since the inception of this endavour) move in. January will bring a lot of cleaning, redecorating and building. Once that is done, we invite hacker collectives, open source groups and other herds to visit us, join in our projects or use the facilities (all 400m^2 of them) for all sorts of leisure activities.

Ladies and gentleman. The Hague has a hackerspace!