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Today, a small delegation went to the former Chrysler showroom and garage at the corner of the Binckhorstlaan and Mercuriusweg. And what we saw made us happy! A former call-center, the floor above the front part of the showroom will soon house Revelation Space. The entrance door is at the Binckhorstlaan itself, with a bus-stop right opposite the road-crossing (on the same corner as the mac if you're into that, no not that kind of mac).

The only thing that is keeping us from moving in right now is the incorporation of the foundation. At todays [MetaMeeting09x12x09|metameeting] we filled out some forms and put some signatures here and there, bringing that event closer as well. So this will be one happy christmas for hackers in and around Den Haag.

And where are the promised pics you wonder?? Well, [SpacePics09x12x09|right here]!