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Over the past months we have been looking at tens of possible spaces, discarding most of them based on the price or other conditions (such as opening hours).

Up until now, three viable options remained: bink36, <>TAG in 'de Struijck' and the former Chrysler dealer at the Binckhorstlaan.

Yesterday, word came in that <>TAG is too unsure yet about how they will use the space below the Struijck, a quite large area formerly in use as the supermarket (Digros). This uncertainty led them to not let us use part of it for now, but perhaps in two more months this may change.

Regarding the former Chrysler dealer there is more positive news. This building is now property of the municipality of The Hague. The lower floor will most likely be used for art expositions, the garage space at the back for educational purposes. We have laid a claim on the top floor (400 m^2).

We would not have to pay rent for this space, but we will have to pay for energy (electric, heating, water). The expectation is that this will fit in the budget we have set aside for rent. During the next week, we will be sighting the property and talk with the caretaker, hopefully securing it before christmas!

As plan B we still have the small room in bink36. In theory we had an option to rent it from december 1st, but given the recent development regarding the Chrysler space we have decided to wait it out before going into any commitments with bink36.