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Should we move the meta meeting night?

One of the hackerspace design patterns proposes to have a fixed weekly meeting where all members can get together, where the focus is on meta-matters related to operating the space and the social aspect.

For a while now, we have been meeting regularly (bi-weekly) on wednesday evenings. Some people structurally can't make it on wednesdays. Now that we have a space, we have more freedom in when to get together. Of course, it will be impossible to find a night everyone can make it, and some are never really available. And preferences might shift over time, but let's just give it a try!

Deadline is january 3rd 2010, at which time we can decide on a night.

The plan is simple: just put a plus (+) in the table below behind the evenings that generally would suit you.

| *Day* | *Stars* | | Monday | +++++ | | Tuesday | +++++++++ | | Wednesday | ++++ | | Thursday | ++++++ | | Friday | ++++++ | | Saturday | ++++ | | Sunday | + |