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Event Metameet
Name Metameet

Duration 28 Oct 2009 - 28 Oct 2009

* Location: Bink36
* Open from: 20:00

Third meta meeting

Date: October 28th, 2009 Time: 19:00 - 22:00 Where: Binckhorstlaan 36, unit M3.41/M3.43 (Sonologic / Stichting Hxx)

On the agenda

  • Interesse in computertijdschriften archief? Zie: & mail van Boyd @ mailinglist.
  • Electronics! Gmc will do an introduction (met lichtbeelden uit de magische lantaarn!), introducing the most important concepts and components. After that, we might brainstorm a bit about a follow-up workshop with some hands-on experiences.

/join && /part

Probably very incomplete list of attendants (I promise I won't mess up the pizza order this time, and will as well not order at Rimini again as they are very consistent in messing up our order as well):

| *Who* | */join* or */part* | *Pizza* | *AOB* | | Gmc | /join | Vegetariana | | | Turiphro | /join | Salami (poging 2) | | | FooBar | /join | t.b.d. | Will be leaving eary to visit | | Bamieater | /join | t.b.d. | |


Around 10 people showed up tonight, one of whom had to leave early for a 4-hour drive to Luxembourg for Food was arranged by Blokje this time, and was perfect! Although the 'hot chicken' could have been hotter, and it did take a while to arrive. Just long enough for gmc to finish the 'introduction to electronics' (slides to be made available), which took almost 1.5 hours and was largely wasted on the software-minded audience :)

Afterwards, we chatted about gadgets, technology, patents, and some interesting projects to take on in the space: a sensing chess-board, spoke pov for Brainsmoke's bike, and some more esoteric projects. We also talked about some of the FieldTrips: how to get 12 people to CERN in february and who's staying with HOAP3.0 in december and how to get there. We ended the evening with a touch of lock-picking, going wild on the HAR2009 dixie locks.