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Project KatBeeldje
Katbeeldje at revspace.jpg
Status Completed
Contact Flok
Last Update 2023-10-23

KatBeeldje is a project by Flok

When booting, it flashes both eyes. If either eye is on while the blue esp-led is off, then it probably wants to reconfigure its wifi or it has crashed - in both cases powercycling will do.

KatBeeldje was bought at Action on 2023/10/21 by Bertrik at request by Flok. The Huawei powersupply is from the freestuff rack.

The eyes being drilled unevenly was not on purpose. The back of the head completely busted IS on purpose, also the ESP glued to it in an angle is on purpose.

Please do NOT modify the hardware.

If you really want to modify the software, please don't but if you really really really must do it: the leds are on D1 and D2 and the software is on GitHub at https://github.com/folkertvanheusden/KatBeeldje Also notify Flok of this misbehaviour of yours.

2023/10/22 (00:16): the software will be replaced by something far more exciting. Stay tuned!

2023/10/22 (19:52): the software has been replaced with something that monitors the local Revspace LoRaGateway: if a packet is received, the eyes will light up




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I was a bit (a tiny bit) scared that Action would be upset, but au contraire: