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Revspace has a very nice BBQ/Steamer/Cooker. If was donated/borrowed to the space by FooBar. It has since been replaced with a even bigger, black version, big enough for upto 24 portions... For events there is also a metal rectangular open BBQ, which will serve quite a lot of people.

Please read the instructions here before using the BBQ, it works slightly different from a regular BBQ

Before you begin:

  1. Open the lid, shuffle around the remains of coal and ashes, so that all the burned ash falls through the holes in the bottom.
  2. Open the front air-inlet completely, use the ash-remover to shovel all the burned ashes from the ashtray, this is to make sure that air can circulate freely

Firing it up:

  1. Put a decent amount of coal (large chunks preferred, no briketten, just coal) in the BBQ
  2. Use the 'Looftlighter'/BBQ-Starter to light some of the coal, don't keep it in the heat too much, or the alu will melt.
  3. Close the lid, open the front air-intake and fully open the metal top (make sure it opens to the front)
  4. Wait about 20-30 minutes, the temperature should be above 150 degrees now

While waiting:

  1. Clean the metal grate


  1. Put the food on the tray, close the lid
  2. Close the front-intake to about 50%
  3. Close the top, but make sure that the steam/smoke can exit.
  4. Adjust the front air-intake and top air-exit to regulate the temperature
  5. When opening the lid, open it first to about 3-4 cm, let some smoke clear out, then open it fully (so not to burn yourself on the smoke-release)
  6. When flames flare up, close the lid, close the air intake and outtake a bit more, this will cool the fire a bit.


  1. When you are finished, close the top and front air-intakes
  2. After ~30 minutes the fire will be completely extinguished
  3. After about 2-3 hours the BBQ should be cool to the touch