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Igors Projects

Current project

Basic reading : http://www.allaboutcircuits.com/

  • Helping out with the physical component part. Stripping, recycing connectors etc.

Button Driven Evolution

See the ButtonDrivenEvolution page. Control a Agent Based Model of genetic evolution throug a button box

Completed projects

Chaotic Circuits

See the ChaoticCircuits page. Works very nice as a demo, will not be upgraded to a full class demo, as it requires too much background knowledge.


Idea storage

These are ideas that have not graduated to a official project. Once they are, an appropriate project page will be created from them. Feel free to steal/adopt/contribute ideas !

Random number generators

USB readable circuitry that streams random numbers. The quality can be tested using : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diehard_tests. While these things do not have not real practical use, they are useful for paranoid crypto, and for getting super good LHS samples testing ABM. However, getting a circuit that is better than a modern Mersenne-twister algorithm is VERY hard.


an physical internet terminal, on legs/wheels that follows you arround, On command, it can find its hocking station, and return from it to find you.

Estimated components

  • remote controlled car / roomba
  • netbook
  • arduino, to collect sensor input data
  • bunch of sensors to tell it where it is / get a kinect, and let it drive where there is space.

Tensegrity toys

Beam toys

  • Learn about BEAM robotics by building toys for the boys
  • Either implement the designs from the BEAM book, or adapt some of the toy cars

Brewing mead

Soldering ventilation

Vent system for remove soldering fumes from the work bench

  • old fans from computer cases
  • flexible auminium duct from above the table to the window / main ventilation tube
  • two/three adjustable lamp arm mounted tubes from ceiling to the desk surface

Revelation From Above

Areal kite photography/filming


  • A camera is needed. : nikon d50 with a wide angle lens is available, but expensive/risky to use
  • A remote trigger is needed
  • Kite :
  • Steerable kite
    • pros:
    • cons
      • this does not go very high
      • is quite dynamic
  • Single line kite : For a nice shot from great altitude a single line kite is preferable
    • pros
      • Very stable
      • very long line possible
    • cons
      • needs to be built/purchased
      • unclear what the lifting force is


  • see http://aeroquad.com/ - Open Source quadcopter, based on Arduino - (note: turiphro has a quadcopter)
  • Relatively expensive: + 200 EUR for parts
  • Quite complex electronics
  • Use :
    • Fun
    • Platform for Revelation From Above
    • RevSpace security drone, launch on alarm from the roof, film the area for evidence :)
  • Period 1 of the circuit:
    <img src="/old/1-period.JPG" alt="1-period.JPG" width='3008' height='2000' />