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What is an open house at a hacker space?

Motto: "messing with hardware and software."

On March 31st, 2012, hacker spaces all over the Netherlands are opening their doors to anyone who wants to know what hackers get up to. The Netherlands currently has ten hacker spaces. A hacker space is a workshop and place to meet, where technologically interested, creative and critical viewers meet, exchange ideas and work together on projects.

"Hacking" is more than testing and breaking into computers and networks. But that's not obvious to everyone. During this day, hacker spaces in the Netherlands intend to show that the hacker community in the country has a much larger spectrum of interests, along with a rich history: for example, Dutch ISP XS4ALL has its origins in the hacker scene.

In addition, hackers want to explain during this open house what 'ethical hacking' means and why the average hacker is not a threat, but will gladly share knowledge about threats on the Internet and security issues in major ICT projects of companies and governments. Knowledge is meant be shared: this is one of the basic values of the Dutch (and international) hacker community, which dates from the beginnings of the hacker culture in Boston (USA) at the end of the 60s.

RevSpace in The Hague, at Binckhorstlaan 172, participates in this national open house as well. On March 31st, from 10:00 to 21:00, the doors are open to anyone who wants to see what hackers really have to offer. A complete list of activities and directions can be found on this page.


  • Security
  • Making


Experience Linux

Linux clinic!

  • What: Have you ever wanted to try Linux, but do you lack technical expertise? Or do you have an issue with a Linux system? Our Linux gurus will be glad to help you along.
  • Who: Hansg

"Does not work with Linux" does not exist

  • What: Does Linux refuse to work with your hardware? One of our Linux gurus will gladly help you solve any issues.
  • Who: Hansg

Make your first open source contribution

  • What: Are you a user of open source software like Ubuntu or Firefox, and have you ever wanted to give back to the community? Do you have a small annoyance in an open-source program that you use? Then this workshop is for you! Our experts will help you file a bug report and possibly even fix the issue and send it to the authors, so they can correct it in the next version.
  • Who: Hansg

OV Chip

  • What: Show what kind of information is stored on a Dutch public transit chip card (OV-Chipkaart) and how easy it is to read this information.
  • Who: WinScap

Wireless Security

  • What: Show off dsniff and firesheep, possibly sniffing traffic from the McDonalds across the street to make a point about security.
  • Who: Juerd



  • What: Demonstration of a robot with information about the Arduino.
  • Who: Cross

Jacobs ladder

! Must first be completed. !

Laser Cutter

  • What: Have your very own keyfob made with your own name on it!
  • Who: FooBar

Retro gaming

  • What: A number of classic games
  • Who: Stitch


  • What: Tour of the building and all the demos
  • Who: Gori

WNDP 350

  • What: Demonstration of a very insecure access point
  • Who: Juerd

For the Press

Are you a member of the press? See HackerspaceDag2012 for the press release and poster.