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Project FundraiserSite
Status Stalled
Contact GMC
Last Update 2012-01-16


Github project


We need landing page and confirmation page NOW, the rest in two/three months.

  • landing page, PLEDGE NOW
    • general text
    • form with input
    • send confirmation email
    • progress indicator
  • confirmation page
    • confirmed!
    • thank you
    • will keep you posted
  • payment page
    • pledged amount
    • paid so far
    • link to payment providers
  • paid page
    • thanks
    • amount pledged
    • amount paid


  • mail out payment requests


  • Send newsletters
  • Create new campaign
  • Campaign admin (see pledges, ...)


  • campaign
    • template name
    • goal
    • pledge deadline
    • payment deadline
  • pledge
    • campaign id
    • id, name, address details, email, remark, note
    • confirmation hash, payment hash, confirmed
  • payment
    • campaign id
    • pledge id
    • amount
CREATE TABLE campaign (id serial, template varchar(32),goal int,pledge_deadline date,payment_deadline date);
CREATE TABLE pledge (id serial,campain_id REFERENCES campaign id,name text,street_address1 text,street_address2 text,zipcode text,city text,country text,email text,remark text,note text,confirm_hash varchar(64),payment_hash varchar(64),confirmed timestamp);
CREATE TABLE payment (id serial,campaign_id REFERENCES campaign id,pledge_id REFERENCES pledge_id,amount int,note text);