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For general information, see EthischHacken.

The program is subject to change.


  • By: Barry van Kampen - Founder RandomData and Hacker*

Opening talk

Recent History

  • By: Brenno de Winter - ICT Journalist and Webwereld*

We are going briefly through the recent history, cablegate, wikileaks, the reaction of the world in general, and some specific companies. Going to Operation Payback and the arrest of a 16 year old dutch boy.

Hackerethics through the years

  • By: Hans van de Looy - Madison Gurkha*

Hans is an experienced hacker from the "first hour" and will talk about hacking, the history of hacking. A not to miss talk about the foundation of hacking, where we went, what we've done and if hacking is always related to computers.


  • By: Koen Martens - Founder Revelation Space*

Within a short period of time the amount of hackerspaces has been grown exponentially, at there locations hackers gather and perform their hacking tricks. But who are these hackers and what are they doing specifically.

Hacking Governments

  • By: Jurre van Bergen - Ethical hacker with an interest in government sites*

The government is in the service of citizens, but often operates without accountability. Some hackers are not happy with this, but fortunate there are lots of ethical and civilized ways to get the information. In the meanwhile we expect the government to protect the data and privacy of the citizens. Jurre specializes in analyzing government websites and will go deeper into the ethical questions he experienced while testing the government.

Legal hacks: Can you cross the line?

  • By: Arnoud Engelfriet - ICTRecht*

What is the difference between a TNT strike and the DDoS attacks on Paypal? Can you hack your own bank to check if your money is safe? And if you hack the public transport card, can you travel with it as a proof of concept? The law puts limits to ethical hacking, but nothing is black and white. One action could be either legal or illegal depending on motive and conditions under which you commit it.

Panel discussion

A hacker, a journalist and a lawyer will discuss with the public ethical questions and will provide contents to the big gray area between black and white. Not only general subjects but also some recent actualities will be handled. Hacking is a hot subject.