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This page documents the electronics components we could use at the space.

AVR programmer

We don't have an AVR programmer owned by the space at the moment. We could use one or two. Best bet seems to be the USBTinyISP, which consists of the following (for one programmer:

* 1x ATTiny2313
* 1x 74AHC125
* 1x 12MHz resonator
* 1x 100nF bypass cap
* 1x 100uF / 6.3V (min) bypass cap
* 1x 10k 5% 1/4W resistor
* 5x 1.5k 5% 1/4W resistor
* 2x 47R 5% 1/4W resistor
* 1x red and 1x green 3mm LED
* 2x 3.6V zener
* 1x USB B jack
* 1x 2x5pin header, 1x 2x3pin header
* 1x 2pin right-angle header
* 1x 10pin IDC cable, 1x 6pin IDC cable