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Project DualProbeTweezer
Dual Oscillioscope Tweezer
Status In progress
Contact cmpxchg
Last Update 2021-04-05

Dual Oscilloscope Tweezer

This 3D-printed tweezer accepts one or two 4 mm diameter picoscope TA133 probes.
There is another version that accepts 6.8mm diameter Agilent probes. In between sizes can be accommodated with some heatshrink along the tip prior to inserting into the tweezer.

Usage and features

  • One-handed differential probe for two-channel Oscilloscope.
  • With dual acupunture-needle handle holes for alternative or additional pins pointing to same probe tips center location.
  • With adjustment screw, M3 hex nuts and hex headed-bolt to set maximum width.
  • Ball joint on end for optional mounting to ‘third hand’ assembly on testbench.
  • With ridges to hook patchwires soldered/wrapped to probe tips/kelvin connections and other custom solutions.
  • With tie-rap hole for connecting additional coaxcables or other measurement hardware.

STL files

The STL files are hosted on prusaprinters.org: