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Project DebiSampler
Status Stalled
Contact TheOnlyJoey
Last Update 2014-05-16

DebiSampler is a project to create a Stage Synthesiser based on off the shelf hardware with some customising and creativity, Debian and the Linuxsampler software.

To Do Description Status
Basic Board Installation Install and Config: Debian, Xorg, OpenJDK, Debisampler, Alsa, Jack Done
NVIDIA + RT Kernel Customise and Compile the NVIDIA driver against the Realtime Kernel Done
Order and Install SSD Change the CF card with cheap Transcend SSD (Thanks foobs!) In Progress
Startup script Create startup script using SH, init jack with commands, start linuxsampler, start Xorg with Fantasia java interface Done
LSCP Script Create a LSCP startup script to automate Linuxsampler (init jack, connect midi, create track etc) In Progress
Sample Cards Order and Install multicard-reader with auto mounting to /samples with 775 permissions Planning
Plexiglas Heater Create a Plexiglas heater and bender for the Casing (example: Planning
Bend Casing Bend the casing for the synth Planning
Install Touchscreen Order and install the 7" touchscreen Planning
Customise GUI Borrow a coder to customise the Jsampler/Fantasia GUI Planning
Plugs Order and Install XLR and Jack outputs, external MIDI etc Planning
Install the rest! Place and install all the additional hardware Planning
Paintjob Make everything sparkly Planning