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Project Components
Status Initializing
Last Update 2017-10-21


This page will never be a comprehensive inventory. The idea of maintaining such a list is hilariously unrealistic within the setting of a hackerspace. That being said, our parts stores are a bit of a mess, and need sorting out.

We recently acquired new bins, and a load of esd foam. The immediate aim is to consolidate parts, get rid of duplicate bins, establish a more logical system of categories and to make the collection more robust in terms of static damage (winter is coming :/).


See below for the categories that have been sorted so far. Labeling of individual parts within the boxes still has to be finalized. For the moment you will find I've kept the little note papers that I used during the sorting process. This is a work in progress.

Integrated Circuits:

  • 4000 series logic
  • 7400 series logic
  • Microcontrollers and peripheral ICs
  • Analog ICs

Discrete semiconductors

  • Bipolar transistors and FETs

Next up: LEDs and other diodes