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Project RevChem
New Safety Measures for Chemicals + New Chemicals
Status In progress
Contact PeterC
Last Update 2016-06-10

We need a new space to store the chemicals since what we have now is prone to accidents.

Labeling Guidelines

  • When labeling chemicals I recommend not covering the original label since it contains useful info.
  • Things in caps are worse than things in lowercase. (Ex. "toxic" is toxic, "TOXIC" is very toxic)
  • The large Carl Roth bottles will stay unlabelled for now because they have a lot of bilingual safety info (English, German)

Label Format

  • English Chemical Name
  • Dutch Chemical Name
  • Hazard Statement / Extra Info

Label Example

Safe material label:

  • Methylene Blue
  • Methyleenblauw
  • Warning: This stuff stains!

Hazardous Material Label:

  • Toluene
  • Tolueen

What Needs to be Done

  • Find cabinets suitable for chemicals
  • Inventory the dangerous chemicals and provide MSDS's or usage guidelines (Will probably be turned into a leaflet on cabinets)


  • Build a basic fume hood for the space
  • Construct a small workspace dedicated to projects that use chemicals (chemistry/bio/PCB etching) in the $projectruimte downstairs, or in the Sparkshack