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Some might find it old-fashioned, but nothing beats the feeling of reading a paperback on the concrete blocks out in the sea at Scheveningen on a sunny afternoon. Reading from laptop or ereader (or, god forbid, an ipad) just doesn't cut it in those circumstances. But, a lot of interesting reading material is only available electronically. Thus, we started experimenting with bookbinding.

Right now, we have an A5 binding jig as well as an A4 jig. We have some bookbinding glue, and made the first books. For a more complete overview see the relevant [NewsItem10x06x28x0|news item].


  • arrange for a stack-cutter
  • experiment with making covers: screen-printing or A3 laserprinter @ cabfablab

We might also try and get some booksprints going.

Some notes regarding printing

Useful commands:

psresize -W6in -H9in -pa5
psbook -s660
psnup -2 -PA5

pstops -pa4 1:0
(or maybe psnup -1 -PA4 ?)
lp -d HP2605 -o Duplex=DuplexNoTumble