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NAND audio crasher

by benadski, made for hackerhotel 2019 through hole soldering workshop

Turns your awkward "Kinderen voor kinderen" collection into nice noise.

Description of this soldering kit:

-Small PCB with 4 jack 3.5mm connectors and potentiometer.

-Turns audio into a squarewave and mixes this with another squarewave.

-Has a gate and CV input.

-Only consumes about 2mA at 5V.

-Accepts line-ish level or piëzo contact microphone signal on the input.

-External control for added functionality. (Connect pin 5 to 6 to shut up CV/Pot controlled modulator for example.)

-"Standard" analog synth power interface

If you design a (eurorack) frontplate it might be a nice addition to your analog synth.


Audiocrasher sch.jpg


Audiocrasher PCB.jpg

ERRATA: PCB layout error, but it's fixed easily. Solder bridge solution:


The pot provided is 100k, but that does not really matter. :)