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As most air hockey players have probably noticed by now, there are some issues with the current air hockey score board set-up. Namely:

  • Goal detection is unreliable
  • The score board occasionally hangs
  • Some other minor annoyances

And, most importantly, we didn't build it ourselves!

So it's about time we solve all of this by building our own version.

I (smeding) have started some design & building work, but feel free to contribute in any way you can, of course.

Current design

<img src="/old/scoreboard.png" alt="the schematic" width='1024 />
[/old/scoreboard.sch|gschem schematic file]

The current design is based around:

  • An AVR microcontroller
  • Four VacuumFluorescentDisplays, driven by shift registers and open-collector drivers
  • A buzzer for audio feedback
  • Two switches for control
  • Two phototransistors for goal detection


  • The AVR in the schematic is an ATMega328P but a smaller one may also be sufficient
  • I have never worked with optical sensors before so the current design may be a bit too simplistic in that regard. Comments are appreciated.