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  • RevSpace group order @*

The awesome people of Adafruit Industries have a special deal for hacker spaces, orders over $250 receive up to 40% discount! Read more about it here:

We need to order for at least $250 worth of stuff in order to get the hacker space discount, which I don't think will be a big problem...
The total amount for each participant will be calculated as follows: ordered goods + (shipping cost / no. of participants) * 1.19 (BTW).
I'll send an invoice to RevSpace for the total amount, members can pay their share to RevSpace by bank transfer or by cash donation.

I'll update this page with the discounts for each ordered product; max. 40% off depending on product type and total order quantity.

To join this group order please add your *name* + *cart contents* + *total amount* to this list (copy cart contents from left bar of Adafruit shop for easy copy+paste operation ;-)

Happy shopping!

XNDR + CabFabLab:
- 1ea.- USBtinyISP AVR Programmer Kit (USB SpokePOV Dongle)
- 1ea.- ChronoDot - Ultra-precise Real Time Clock
- 1ea.- MintyBoost Kit
- 1ea.- Altoids Gum (includes tin!)
- 1ea.- Triple SpokePOV Kit + Dongle + 2 Magnets - blue leds - usb dongle
- 1ea.- TV-B-Gone Kit
- 1ea.- Adafruit Ethernet (XPort/WIZnet) shield for Arduino kit
- 1ea.- IR sensor
- 5ea.- Tilt ball switch
- 1ea.- Bus Pirate - BPV3
- 1ea.- Bus pirate basic probe set
- 1ea.- Temperature sensor (-40C to +150C)
- 1ea.- Breadboarding wire bundle

  • Total: $288.50*

- Triple SpokePOV Kit + Dongle + 2 Magnets ( Color - Red,Port Type - Serial, Includes - 3 SpokePOVs, 2 Magnets, 1 adapter, $99.00)

- Triple SpokePOV Kit + Dongle + 2 Magnets ( Color - Yellow,Port Type - Serial, Includes - 3 SpokePOVs, 2 Magnets, 1 adapter, $99.00)

- 10 * tv-b-gone (nog even pending goedkeuring van de penningmeester)

- 1x breadboarding wire bundle - 2x tiny breadboard - 1x half size breadboard

============ UPDATE 2010-07-16 ============

Order has been placed at Adafruit. I'll calculate shipping cost for each participant based on shipping weight of products ordered.
The goods should arrive in The Hague somewhere next week. I'll post a tracking number as soon as the goods have shipped.