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Project Ooni
Status Completed
Contact Flok
Last Update 2016-11-06

Project removed, wasn't working and Pi is deployed in Floks chess-cluster now.

Ooni is a project of the tor-group. It monitors your internetconnection for filtering, censoring and others. It does so by e.g. doing a dns-lookup via tor and one via not-tor and then comparing things.

Since Friday 2016/4/8 we have a raspberry pi in the patch-rack running ooni. That is: it will be running ooni because installation has not finished yet. 2016/4/someday it is running ooni and reporting!

If you require a login, please contact Flok for the root-password.

For more background information: https://ooni.torproject.org/


Yes, also in the netherlands we have internet censorship. Think of the pirate bay. And all kinds of political guys wanting to filter even more.

pics, because it DID happeN!