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Project "Microcontrolled MIDI units":

Project Luteijn/MIDI
Status In progress
Contact Luteijn
Last Update 2016-01-13


  • Tests/POC programs to control stuff on laptop (alsa volume, PulseAudio volume, X mouse cursor, even text input) with MIDI keyboard and 'DJ' controller connected via usb.
  • Successful POC testing based on [RadioEi] code adjusted to sending midi events instead, controlled with analogue inputs (potentiometers)
  • POC testing midi receiver, failed as optocoupler used too slow, better suited as PTT switcher, which is where I originall got those for.
  • Ordered 100 units of 6N137 DIP8 from Ali - arrived 2016-01-12


  • Test with new Optocouplers to make a working receiver, maybe use demux chips and the slow optocouplers (or just the fast ones as I have plenty now) to control stuff (eg. radio equipment? ) via midi.
  • Build several controllers (Buttons, knobs etc.)
  • look into MIDI over USB more, as a lot of interesting ready made controller units work with USB not the DIN plugs. At the very least would be cool to make a converter box.
  • might just need to be cost-efficient and do it this way, using a cheap midi-usb converter and gut that.