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Project Door sign
IMG 20180706 174558.jpg
Status Completed
Contact User:Gori, User:Thomas
Last Update 2018-07-06

Make a cooler revspace sign for about the door

Finished product


Sign must

  • be 600x400 mm or enough to cover the ugly patch above the door
  • be securely fastened and removeable
  • leave no significant marks on the building
  • be awesome

Technical design

  • 2mm 304 stainless steel plate, 2B finish
  • 2 10x40x2 strips, riveted to the building, with 2x 3mm rvs screws , holing the plate to the building
  • Use Vinyl sticker as resist, also sticker the back and edges
  • Etch for 2 to 3 hours with 40% FeCl3, in a washing machine leak tray
  • Watch out, if vinyl is cut well in advanced, likelihood of edges getting loose increases. This creates uneven edges when etching. Cut right before application!

graphic design

  • Logo
  • Letters area polished with rvs polishing paste and buffing wheel
  • LED area heat treated with RVS wire wheel to get a brushed surface, then heat treated to golder colour
  • rest etched