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  • Quick and dirty syntax conversion, fixes headers, list and some image references.
  • nginx configuration: old URL's of the form are redirected to the correct mediawiki url
  • all attachments and images have been copied to and are also batch-uploaded and available as File:
  • previous wiki installation (read-only) available under [1]


  • this skin is boring (Anthrax is working on this.)
  • re-implement dynamic content
    • news on main page
    • agenda
    • ical / rss feed
    • projects
  • syntax correction
    • bulk replacements by running a handful of regexps against the database
  • 2 keer per dag mailtje met gewijzigde pagina's naar general list


Can i...

Yes. The current mediawiki intall is on lcd:/usr/local/www/mediawiki, root password well-known among the regulars. The database credentials are in LocalSettings.php. HF

Check-In List

To prevent collisions, add what you are working on here.

  • Anthrax: Skinning