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Virtual Tour of the Revelation Space hackerspace at De Verlichting.

This is the exit to the Spoorlaan, when coming from the Westvlietweg. You can see the train-bridge and the A12 motorway is behind it.

Standing on the intersection, head into the Spoorlaan, which (for cars) is a dead-end road.

Go down the street for about 400 meters... until you get to the 'Verlichting' complex.

Building 'A'

Building 'B'

Building 'C'

And building 'D' ... where 'Revelation Space' is located. Underneath the sign on the wall you can see a wooden hatch. This is the airduct to the revspace basement (more on this later).

A front-view of the right size of building D. The rightmost office is used by Revspace, and the room left of that is the shared common-space of the complex.

The middle section of Building 'D', showing the entrance.

The front-door of building 'D', with the familiar iButton reader to the right of it. Revspace participants get an iButton, which when connected to the reader opens the door.

Inside the hallway is the main staircase, and underneath that is the wiring-closet. At the far-end of the hall are the toilets.

Going 'right' at the main hallway brings you to the common area

The common area, showing 'The Eye of The Internet' and 'Henk'. There is a kitchen here, and the picknick tabels are mostly used around dinertime.

A quick view into the Revspace office, which at this time is still a bit messy, we just moved in, and haven't gotten around to really using it yet. This office can also be seen from 'cam1'.

The Revspace pinball table... it's set to free play, so enjoy yourself.

'Henk', guarding the kitchen

Further down the hall (passing the pinball table) is another set of doors, behind this is the staircase to the basement.

The door opposite the stairs leads to the main storage room.

The door underneath the stairs also has an iButton reader, and leads to the main hackerspace room

A quick view into the storage-room, which also houses some of the heating equipment for the building

Going to the main hackerspace area...

We can see the big fridges that keep our caffeine cold, and some movable workbenches with measuring-equipment. Also visible is the hole in the wall, which leads to the hatch we mentioned earlier.

Our lasercutter and PCB lighting/development equipment.

The IBM-3151 RevBar terminal

The Naomi game console and project-shelves.

The right half of the workshop room, showing project-shelves and enough workbenches

Our (still to be populated) tool-rack.

The left half of the workshop room, more storage space and workbenches

The far-end of the workshop, showing more desks and some of the power infrastructure.

Back up the stairs, these doors lead to the outside area.

Down the path outside leads to the back-area of the hackerspace. This is also the location of our BBQ, which is used the year around.

A view of the back of building 'D'

Heading towards the 'SparkShed'

The 'SparkShed' is the location where we do our welding, metalwork and plasma-cutting. It's well ventilated and outside of the main building. There is ample power for heavy equipment.

But subtle projects can also be done in this heavy-metal room...

Back inside, behind the main door, are the toilets... somewhat more for men then for women... but that seems to work out better. Up the stairs is another set of toilets... when needed ;)

Last but not least, we also have access to a bathroom with 2 showers and 2 sinks. This room can also be used for some light chemical work.