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Project RevSmoker
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Contact User:Gori
Last Update 2013-02-15


Because smoked dead animals are at least as tasty as BBQed dead animals, we need to have a nice smoker. While the BigGreenEggBBQ can act as a smoker as well, it has a fairly limited capacity. Furhtermore, it can not be electrically operated, which makes temperature control more tricky.

So enter RevSmoker.


The idea is to use a steel drum to build something like this but over 9000 times cooler, with electronics and blinkenlights.

The idea is that there is a electric hot plate/heater in the bottom of the drum, that heats a steel box full of wood chips, generating heat and smoke. A micro controller measures the temperature, and drives the hot plate in order to reach a set temperature, that can bet adjusted using a dial. The target and current temperature are displayed on a LCD display. There is a tray at the bottom of the barrel, allowing the heater/wood box to be can be easily removed for refilling, without removing the smoked items.

Design inspiration :




  • steel drum that used to hold pineapple juice
    • Inside dimensions: D: 57 cm, H: 85 cm, Volume approx. 218 L


  • a wood chip box
    • square is easy / round can hold more wood
    • needs to be created
    • Bonus point if the wood chip box can be retrieved from the side through a drawer or door
  • one or two grids to hold the dead animal parts being smoked
    • Yotson may have hole steel plates
  • 3 or 4 handles for top/side
  • a BBQ thermometer in through the lid

Electronic parts


  • an industrial grade brass thermocouple probe keeping track of the temp.
    • needs calibration
    • ask benadski for the type and specs
  • an arduino to measure the temperature, display it on a small LCD screen and control the heater using a relay
  • a square gourmet set heater element


  • a 220V relay
  • weather proofed power socket enclosure
  • a turn knob to adjust the temp
  • a weather proof box to hold the electronics
  • rgb blinkelights

Specs and datasheets

  • alternative to the large sensor - a TMP36 temp sensor
  • SED1531LCD display to show the current / target temp

Software parts