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Project RevRadio
Status In progress
Contact User:Bertrik_Sikken
Last Update 2013-08-11


250px Roof is looking much better now

This project consists of several small sub-projects related to radio reception at RevSpace. Reception is based (so far) on DVB-T dongles using an RTL2832 chip to do SDR (software-defined-radio).


HF (0 - 30 MHz)

To receive signals from the relatively low frequency "HF" band, we have a ham-it-up board. The ham-it-up converts signals from 0-30 MHz up to 125-155 MHz, this makes is possible to use an RTL2832-based dongle to receive them.

Things that can be received with this setup:

  • morse and rtty beacons;
  • amateur radio voice;
  • amateur radio SSTV (slow-scan TV);
  • number stations such as the buzzer;
  • commercial AM broadcasts
  • etc.

Generic VHF/UHF (30 - 1700 MHz)

250px Still installing

For generic radio reception in the VHF/UHF bands, we have a setup consisting of a discone antenna (ICOM AH-7000) on the roof of RevSpace and an RTL2832 dongle (R820T tuner). A simple filter (1/4 wave open stub) has been built to suppress very strong pager signals.

Things that can be received with this setup:

  • Citizens Band radio, 27 MHz
  • 10 meter amateur band, 28-29.7 MHz
  • 4 meter amateur band, 70-70.5 MHz
  • broadcast FM stereo, 88-108 MHz;
  • air traffic (voice);
  • P2000 paging traffic at 169.650 MHz;
  • weather images from the NOAA-15/18/19 weather satellites, at around 137 MHz;
  • APRS traffic;
  • weather info from weather balloons, at 400-410 MHz;
  • ads-b/mode-s airplane transponders, at 1090 MHz
  • etc.

HAB tracker (434-435 MHz)

150px The colinear

For tracking high-altitude balloons, we have a setup consisting of a Diamond X-50N antenna on the roof of RevSpace, a so-called hab-amp (bandpass filter and 430-440 MHz LNA) and an RTL2832 dongle (FC0013 tuner). For more information, see the dedicated page at HAB_Tracker_Station

Things that can be received with this setup:


Currently one PC is dedicated to radio reception, called "habtracker". To start the PC:

  • Windows XP, hostname "habtracker", IP (MAC 00:21:70:02:62:0f)
  • Start the machine with a magic WoL packet: 'wakeonlan -i 00:21:70:02:62:0f; ping habtracker'

Remote control

The PC can be remotely controlled as follows:

  • Teamviewer, ID: 675540724
  • VNC: geheim ;-)


Stuff we are still planning to do:

  • wait for proper cables for the ham-it-up
  • think about an antenna for HF