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Project RemoteResetArduino
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Last Update 2013-08-20


An arduino program to toggle power and reset buttons on standard ATX PC's, and to read the status of the machine (Powered on or off, Power present @ PSU).


I was building a 3-node cluster to test some cluster-filesystems for a client, and used 'wake-on-lan' to remotely boot the various cluster nodes when needed. This worked somewhat, but I was unable to reboot a hanging system, or see if a wake-on-lan packet actually arrived at the system.

Doing some tests with a firmata sketch on an arduino proved that I could easily toggle the powerbutton and resetbutton on an ATX mainboard, bringing this project to life.


The code can be found on


  • Connect the arduino to a usb port on a working system (I used a openwrt based router).
  • Connect the digital pins to the power and reset lines on an ATX mainboard.
  • Make a serial connection to the arduino (115200 baud)
  • Configure the pin-numbers (see 'help' command, use 'config' command)
  • Toggle reset and/or power buttons with commands 'reset #', 'power #' or 'force #'
    • Force will hold the (power) button for 4 seconds, reset and power only simulate a short press
  • Use the 'check #' command to see if a system is powered on


Rra-mainboard.jpg Rra-arduino.jpg