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Right now lots of people have a less than rudimentary knowledge about electronics. This may put them off from tinkering with electronics. Of course there are loads of books, but why bother buying one for something that may be too complicated or too much of a hassle for you to begin with?


A Creative Commons licensed book or series of books about electronic components with that teaches the reader the most common components, how they work and how they can be combined into designs that are fun.

The book should be accessible to anyone who can read at the average level of a twelve year old. The main designs should not require tools that are out of reach of a twelve year old, e.g. a soldering iron or a breadboard should be about the biggest investment required. There should be an English language version as well as a Dutch language version.

Activities and resources

A book sprint using the <a href="" target="_blank">FLOSS manuals</a> software or even infrastructure and a bunch of people knowledgeable about electronics and some people with hardly any knowledge about electronics but at least the willingness to learn and the ability to write clearly in English and/or Dutch. At least one or two people capable of create graphics.

For those who don't know what a book sprint is: it is a multiple-day gathering of people who create a pressure cooking environment to write a book. RevSpace would be a good location to do this, but this could also be done over several hackerspaces at once. Food and drinks for the participants might need some sponsoring.


To be decided, depends on the availability of volunteers. It would probably best to do this during Fall 2011.

  • gmc is willing to help, some electronics knowledge, writing skills
  • Cinder is willing to help, member of target audience, writing skills