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First meta meeting

Date: september 20th, 2009 %BR% Time: 19:00 - 22:00 %BR% Where: Binckhorstlaan 36, unit M3.15 (Sonologic / Stichting Hxx)

On the agenda

  • Concept*
  1 Who's who
  1 Expectations 
    • "Wat is een hackerspace?"
  1 Location 
    • Zie LocationProposals
  1 Finance 
    • Zie FinancialPlanning
  1 Organisation 
  1 AOB

/join && /part

Rick VoormolenBlokje/join
Koen Martensgmc/join
Wouter van HeystLarstiQ/join
Kristian VlaardingerbroekCinder/join
Mark JanssenFoo-Bar/join
Melvin Rook
Gabriel Konat
Xander + 1 (CabFabLab)XNDR/join


Present: 14 ppl

We have looked at various locations, and came to the conclusion that it is probably best to start off with a less featureful but cheaper location (at BINK36 or municipal building), as there won't be any presence at nights, if the need arises and we have enough members later we can always move to a more suitable location. We have also gathered some people who would want to be the board for the 'Stichting' or 'Vereniging'. These people are: Koen, Kristian, Rick and Mark. In the near future we will decide on the legal entity(s) and make arrangements to set these up (including writing the 'statuten').

For the coming time we will have regular meetings every 2 weeks, on wednesdays at BINK36, the next one being Sept 30th.