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== Images ==
== Images ==
*  [%ATTACHURL%/shirt-revspace-ledders.svg|shirt-revspace-ledders.svg]: T-Shirt design with LEDs in the shape of letters
*  [%ATTACHURL%/shirt-revspace-eye.svg|shirt-revspace-eye.svg]: More T-Shirt designs with LEDs
*  [%ATTACHURL%/shirt-revspace-combined.svg|shirt-revspace-combined.svg]: T-Shirt design update, with eye and LED text
*  [%ATTACHURL%/shirt-revspace-fonts.svg|shirt-revspace-fonts.svg]: All designs with their text elements intact
*  [%ATTACHURL%/shirt-revspace-flat.svg|shirt-revspace-flat.svg]: All designs, converted to paths only
*  [%ATTACHURL%/revspace-hoodie-proposal.svg|revspace-hoodie-proposal.svg]: Hoodie proposal
*  [%ATTACHURL%/revspace-hoodie-proposal.eps|revspace-hoodie-proposal.eps]: Hoodie proposal, in eps

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Logo contest

Well, sort of. There's no prize, except eternal fame of course. There's no deadline, except that we want to have it on revspace-wear before 26c3. There's no process to choose the winning logo, but for rough consensus and running code.

Anyway, if you have a logo idea, attach it to this page (attach at the bottom) and it will show up automagically under 'Images' below.

Notes and discussion

  • When using fonts or clip-art, make sure we can use the font or clip-art without paying royalties or being sued by the IP owners !


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