HAB Tracker Station

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Project HAB Tracker Station
Status Completed
Contact User:Costyn_van_Dongen, Maxell, Bertrik_Sikken
Last Update 2014-06-21

Project page for the high altitude balloon tracking/listening station have set up in the space. This information is processed for the spacenear.us map



  • "ezcap USB 2.0 DVB-T/DAB/FM" dongle (RTL2838U, Fitipower FC0013 tuner) w/ input protection diode
  • VK5QI HABAmp
  • Antenna: Diamond X-50N Apparently not a Diamond, might be a Comet. We'll go with "collinear antenna for 70cm", N connector, three ground plane radials.


  • Windows XP, hostname "habtracker", IP (MAC 00:21:70:02:62:0f)
    • Start the machine with a magic WoL packet: 'wakeonlan -i 00:21:70:02:62:0f; ping habtracker'
    • VNC: geheim ;-)
  • Teamviewer ID: 675540724



  • Power the HABAmp from the the rtl-sdr dongle's USB connection, so we don't need so sacrifice a USB port for it.
  • Metal box for shielding both the HABAmp and the rtl-sdr dongle. (something like [1] or [2])


Current setup

Old setup