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Project GL-Inet
Status In progress
Contact User:FooBar
Last Update 2014-09-10
GL-Inet Pinout
GL-Inet vs TP WR-703 creates nice clones of TP-Link WR-703 routers. They run OpenWRT out of the box, and have 2 ethernet interfaces, a 2.4Ghz Wifi (802.11n) radio, a usb2.0 port and 5 free GPIO ports. Available on dealextreme/alibaba or in the RevSpace vending machine.

RevSpace images and packages

Alternative packages and install-images for OpenWrt (trunk) for GL-Connect GL-iNet v1 (GL-iNet-6416A) devices, Build-environment for the GL-Inet, You will need the openwrt-ar71xx-generic-gl-inet-v1-squashfs-factory.bin file, md5sum ad2164a70e4ccc9a40f77bf49d3bb472

Note that using a custom build means you can't use the normal repositories for kernel-packages.


Model GL-iNet 6408A / 6416A
CPU Atheros AR9330 rev 1 - MIPS 24Kc V7.4 (265.42 BogoMIPS) 400Mhz
Ram DDR 64MB
Rom 8MB (6408A), 16M (6416A)
Interface 2× 100mbit/s RJ-45 (LAN/WAN), 1× USB2.0, 1× Micro USB (power)
LED Red and green. When both turned on amber-ish.
Wireless IEEE802.11n/g/b、IEEE802.3、IEEE802.3u
Button Press to toggle wireless radio; Press and hold for 8 seconds to restore factory default settings
Antenna Inverted F PCB trace antenna DN007 *1
DIY Features Uboot web interface; Uart soldered; 5 GPIO
Power Supply 5V/1A micro USB (not included @ RevSpace market)
Size 58mm*58mm*22mm
Weight 42g (router only)
Power Consumption Less than 1 watt
Temperature Working temperature 0°C - 45°C. Storage Temperature -40°C - 70°C


The device runs OpenWRT out of the box, but it's quite easy to build your own image.

Serial settings

  • Baudrate: 115200
  • Handshake: none
  • Flow-control: none


External antenna

Maxell's shopping list for the external antenna modification.

  • IPX naar RP-SMA pigtail, RG178: [1]
  • Surface mount IPX: [2]. New(er) PCB's already have these in place. Check your GL-Inet before buying.


Widely sold as the "Nokia5110 display" (but actually most famous for being the display of the Nokia 3310), this 84 × 48 graphical display can easily be added to a GL-Inet and controlled by bitbanging SPI with the GPIO pins. It uses 4 GPIOs, leaving one vacant, if you simply tie CE/SCE to GND.

Note: some of these PCBs come with a current limiting resistor of 150 Ω for the background LEDs, while others don't. Add your own resistor if your board didn't come with a resistor, or the LEDs will wear out very quickly.


OpenWRT Patch:

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