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Project ESP32-CAM
Cheap webcams with Wifi, what could possibly go wrong?
Status Initializing
Contact noopwafel, Sebastius
Last Update 2019-01-29


It's an ESP32 board with a camera, running a web server, so it acts as an inexpensive webcam.


To flash the module, do not forget the jumper between pins IO0 and GND!



bertrik made an attempt to build the CameraWebServer example as a platformio project:

To build the code, clone the git repo above, cd into it, then type

 pio run

To upload it to the board:

 pio run -t upload

To watch the debug output:

 pio device monitor

Platformio can be installed on a Debian Linux system as follows:

 sudo apt-get install python-pip
 sudo pip install platformio
 pio upgrade