Buying Electronic Components

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Project Buying Electronic Components
Collective purchases of electronic components, for cost reduction
Status Initializing
Contact noopwafel
Last Update 2020-09-17


  • LCSC: >$20 shipping, plus VAT/fees on top. Very cheap for some parts, expensive for others.
  • TME: <10eur shipping. Surprisingly cheap for many parts (e.g. reels of jellybean parts).
  • mouser: Free shipping on orders >=50eur (+VAT), VAT paid on their end, FedEx, 2 working days. noopwafel does regular(ish) orders, can always add parts for people.
  • digikey: Free shipping on orders >=50eur (+VAT), VAT has to be paid to DHL (but no fees), 2 working days.
  • Farnell: Free shipping on orders >=50eur (+VAT), but only from European stock, 1 working day. Through benadski or sebastius no minimal order.
  • RS: Free shipping on orders >=50eur (+VAT), 1 working day.