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Event 27C3
Name 27C3

Duration 27 Dec 2010 - 30 Dec 2010

* Location: Berlin (Conference) / The Hague (Peace Mission)
* Open from: NULL

27C3 - �We come in peace�

When: 27-30 December 2010
Where: Berlin (Conference) / The Hague (Peace mission)

Location: BERLIN

See: http://events.ccc.de/congress/2010/wiki/index.php/Main_Page for now


Location: THE HAGUE (Peace mission)

No plans yet but the idea is to have a remote conference site in the space where people can join to watch the conference via webcasts. Following idea's and facilities are already spread on the wiki page at 27C3:

  • VPN Gateway with Conference IP space for accessing the conference network and having certain 'advantages' for some 'projects'
  • watch the streams, participate via twitter or chats, drink Tschunk, cook and have a good time.

People staying in The Hague for the Peace Mission

| *name* | *dates* | *notes* | | Your name? | .. | .. |

Or go see it live In Berlin

Most of the core members will in Berlin ask them how to get there.

People going to Berlin

If you are going to Berlin, please let us know...

*name* *dates* *Ticket* *Accomodation* *Comments*
Foobar 26/12 - ~31/12 Payed Hostel Going by car, 2 people at the moment
Dekkers 26/12 - 31/12 hx2 Ibis
praseodym 26/12 - 31/12 hx2 Ibis
gmc 26/12 - 31/12 payed probably w/ mitch
Ikarus 26/12 - ~ 31/12 None yet None (awaiting ticket) If anyone wants to offer me a ride there ?
Walter 26/12 - ~ 31/12 Token received probably Adele Hotel Planning to go by train with TatiBrazil
Brainsmoke  ??? confirmed  ???  ???


Please distribute your tokens on the irc-channel, first-come, first-serve. Seems that batch 1 (800 tickets) has sold-out in <6 hours. Waiting for batch 2