ZX81PLUS34 ZX81 clone

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The ZX14 is a much improved Sinclair ZX81 clone built with the modern materials techniques and components of 2014.

it will be fully open sourced effort (but note that the original design of the zx81 is still owned by Amstrad)

As for now comments and questions on the design can be made here [1] (raspberry PI forum off topic section)  :-)

3D Preview

A preview of the complete ZX14 system, including keyboard. note the small (3mm) power and Turbo LED's

Here is a (3D rendered) preview of the main ZX14 board, to the right a small preview of the complete system.

ZX14 preview.jpg


ZX14 schematic preview

the latest schematic can be found here:

File:ZX14 schematic.pdf

A small preview of it can be found on the right, click on it for a somewhat larger version:

there is also a color coded schematic (.PDF), it can be found here:

File:Color coded ZX14 schematic with eprom support.pdf

note that SMT components are depicted purple, and PTH ones green.


I have also been busy designing a solution for the keyboard. My solution is to use commercially available cheap 6x6mm buttons, which (with some effort by bending the pins a bit) can be mounted on an EuroCard sized piece of 1/10"raster perfboard, the result would like something like the picture on the left.

ZX14 keyboard preview

Here is the schematic of the keyboard: File:KB matrix schematic.pdf

I also designed a new keyboard overlay suitable for such a keyboard with the keys going through holes in the overlay. Here is a drawing showing how it would look:

Nieuw keyboard overlay.png

Here is a .PDF version that should be correctly scaled when printed on A4 paper.

File:Nieuw keyboard ZX14.pdf