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Project Yet Another Led Text Project [YALTP]
Status Initializing
Contact Stitch
Last Update 2012-04-25


  • Make a "led-wall" for text to promote the space
  • Learn2led+con-troll


  • Must be applied on the inside of windows
  • Must not decrease line-of-sight
  • Must have at least one single color
  • Must esthetic appearance "looks like design"
  • Visible parts should have a minimum visibility
  • System should be extensible, from 1 up to 255 characters maximum
  • One component Should cost no more than 10 euros
  • The end result should be removable within 10 minutes per component
  • The end result should be applicable within 1 hour per component.
  • Each component is in fact a 14-component oversized led
  • The system should not eat too much energy
  • The system should work on low power
  • The system is safe and doesn't count harm, fire hazard, heat etc
  • The design would comply to certain standards used by vendors