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(Participants and/or volunteers)
(Participants and/or volunteers)
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== Participants and/or volunteers ==
== Participants and/or volunteers ==
*Me, I'll host this workshop
Add your name below:
*Add your name below (if you don't have a wiki account mail me, see the box on the right)
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* [[Sebastius]] (volunteer to help if needed)
* [[Sebastius]] (volunteer to help if needed)
(if you don't have a wiki account, [[Special:EmailUser/Ralph_Benadski|mail me]])
== LEDs start ==
== LEDs start ==

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Event LEDs colour the world!
Name LEDs colour the world!
Website https://revspace.nl/index.php?title=Workshop-leds-colour-the-world
Contact benadski
Duration 2016-04-26 20:30 - 2016-04-26 22:30
Information Workshop LEDs for beginners (about 10 people max, be quick!)

* Location: RevSpace
* Open from: We're open from 2016-04-26 18:30
* Ticket price: Tickets cost € 0,- (donations go to RevSpace)
* Sign-up page: You can signup on: benadski AT gmail, IRC, or add your name on the left "You can signup on" has not been listed as valid URI scheme.

LEDs introduce myself first

My name is Ralph, you can also call me benadski. I'm an engineer and a LED connaisseur. When I was a kid I was always playing with LEDs and other electronics. I'd like to teach you how you can use them too without breaking the delicate lights. You do not need to study or have magic skills for this workshop. I'll bring all kinds of LEDs, so you don't have to. The workshop will be in Dutch unless there are people from other countries present.

Participants and/or volunteers

Add your name below:

(if you don't have a wiki account, mail me)

LEDs start

The workshop will be held at the RevSpace building (de Verlichting, Spoorlaan 5D Den-Haag).

This workshop is all about the very basics of LED lights. You will learn how they work and how to use them. After a short intro it's "hands on" time! :)


Think of:

  • paintings
  • block of wood, with or without cracks.
  • plain old bike light
  • tennis ball
  • 0.5L bottle or plastic cup
  • figurines
  • anything (semi)translucent
  • anything that you can drill holes in
  • home computer case

LED me tell you some more


After you have learned how LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) basically work, you will merge them with a piece of art or other material of your choosing. We will be soldering them, add some other parts and maybe sand them a little to create a more even glow. I have also some filtering and reflective material to bring that extra sparkle out!

We have many tools for soldering and drilling, but if you happen to have that yourself, please bring it to the workshop. If you have an old phone charger or other small charger, bring that too, it will power your lights! (I have some as well, probably enough, but if I spare mine I can host more workshops in the future.)

If there's time, I'll go deeper into the LED theory and show you some LED hacks.

Below an example I found on the net. Not my work, just to give you an idea what's possible. (And I bring lots of different colors and sizes) LEDpaintings.jpg