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My alias Zeno4Ever, my real name is Dave Borghuis.
For more info about me check my page on http://tkkrlab.nl/wiki/User:Zeno
From young age i was always interested in computers, starting with the Commodore 64 and later the Amiga. I also started the first Amiga computerclub in Oldenzaal (ACCO from 1989 till 1991).
I always like to visit events that had to do with computers, i have been to many HCC conventions, Amiga conventions in Köln (Germany) and the HIP,HAL,HAR eth0 summer camps.
After my visit of the eth0 summer 2010 I get to know makerspaces and fablab truck and thought why is this not in Twente. So I decided to create a makerspace and you see the results of this here.
Right now I am the Chairman in TkkrLab Foundation and organize most things.
If you want to contact me at e-Mail: dave
Makerspace, Hackerspace en Fablab, Wat is wat?
Nut en noodzaak hacken
WordPress Workshop
Las Vegas fruit machine : Controlled with OSC / C
Parametric Tube Socket OpenSCAD script to create a tube socket
TkkrLab irc botje in Python
TkkrLab Open status statistics with PHP/Javascript
[edit] Other sites
My personal blog
My Flickr page
My Github page
My Twitter account
Thiniverse with OpenScad/3D objects
[edit] Visited
OHM2013 part of orga team (Content and Avid)
Maker Fair Groningen 2012
CCC 2011 with DrBytes, Onedutch and Retrace in Finowfurt (Near Berlin) ,Germaney
Eth0 2010 Summer & winter edition. [1]
almost to HAR2009 (had tickets but went to Hollywood for Maya training)
WTH2005, initiator Retro Village
HAL2001 voluntair of video team.
HIP1997 just for one day visit.

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For more info about me check my page on http://tkkrlab.nl/wiki/User:Zeno